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Neo Motion Studio

Fluid design for an identity on the move

The Berlin motion design studio was founded in 2016 as “neo 2 Media Medienagentur”. After having worked on several projects, the two founders recognized weaknesses in their positioning. The offer was not understandable for potential clients, with the consequence that the acquisition measures did not reach their full potential. The lack of identification with the corporate image led to the desire for a more effective image.

In a workshop, we analyzed the status quo and highlighted strengths and weaknesses. In individual and group discussions, we identified the founders’ values and goals. Then, we formed a future oriented positioning and mission statement. Based on this, we developed a new design system.

Visual identity

In the new appearance everything revolves around the two founders. A modified O creates a special and memorable typeface. Depending on the message of the words, the animation of the O changes. Different variations of motion logos illustrate precision, dynamics and diversity. The sound branding makes the brand more unique and memorable. The result is a characteristic appearance that not only increases the identification of the owner, but also the success of the acquisition.

Brand experience

Monospace design website's original minimalist furniture item
Futuristic monospace interior design concept illustration
Monospace original modern furniture design concept
Monospace design original artwork, modern and abstract

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Daniel Albert

Managing partner, creative director