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Branding for a digital startup reimagining orthopaedic care

The team of GetSteps came to us with a great vision: The procurement of insoles must become easier. In Germany alone, more than 70% of adults have a foot malposition. However, the procurement process of insoles is cumbersome. For many, unfortunately, so cumbersome that they don’t even know that insoles would improve their lives.

Such problems are made for Brand Design. With the Steps team we have turned the entire user journey upside down, analyzed the status quo and developed the target state. The result was a brand that allows Steps to offer custom-made insoles with an unprecedented user experience. Go Steps!

Visual identity

GetSteps insoles are made from high-quality materials by an experienced orthopaedic shoemaker in their Berlin workshop but ultimately land in the customer’s footwear. The visual identity is designed to make an otherwise hidden product visible to its audience. Colours, typeface and illustrations come together to highlight key benefits such as convenience and comfort.

Brand experience

Foot impression kit

In order to create customised insoles, an accurate foot impression and basic personal information is required. GetSteps enables this process to take place in the comfort of the customer’s home using their proprietary carbon paper technology.

Through extensive prototyping, critical evaluation and testing with the GetSteps team, we developed a resource-efficient, intuitive and reliable foot impression kit that is built into a standard flat-pack mailer. Users simply unfold the kit, leave their foot impression, and re-seal the kit and drop it the nearest post box. The innovative impression kit provided a joyful customer experience while building trust and loyalty.

E-commerce website

We created a light, airy Shopify site to provide customers with an effortless and informative digital experience, greatly contrasting the clunky experience at a physical orthopaedic shoe shop.

Packaging system

Finally, we developed a clever packaging system for the insoles themselves. Seven variations each feature a different shoe illustration, transforming the unboxing experience to highlight the hidden nature of the product. To reduce the total number of items placed within the parcel, we incorporated the care instructions onto a bi-fold backing tray. Needless to say, the packaging is plastic free and fully recyclable.

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Daniel Albert

Managing partner, creative director