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We are a young, international team whose work unites strategic thinking, user-centred design and technical know-how. Driven by curiosity and with an open mind, we tackle challenges together with outstanding partners and dynamic teams for whom transformation is more than a buzzword.

Our approach is pragmatic, honest and collaborative, with less bullshit and more fun. Only a sincere, open dialogue can lead us to the core of your brand, allowing us to transform it into a powerful idea.

Be it a start-up or an established enterprise, we believe a great brand is the single most valuable factor in building credibility, trust and loyalty. We bring joy and inspiration into every interaction connecting you with your customers. That’s how our work empowers organisations to achieve their objectives and helps brands unleash their full potential.

Our mission and our promise is to create beautiful, brand-driven experiences that convert. To deliver on this promise, we are guided by the following maxims:


Know thy customers as you know thyself

Great brands understand the needs of their stakeholders while remaining true to their identity. This is the only way to cultivate a genuine dialogue that can build emotional connections and add value to society. A trusting relationship based on open communication is the key to long-term success.


With great clarity comes great strength

Customers live in rapidly changing times and are confronted with vast, bewildering offers from an increasingly crowded market. A distinct brand identity with a clear idea at its core, expressed through crisp design and simple messaging, succeeds in creating differentiation, recognition, and orientation.


Whole and steady wins the race

A brand is not a logo, a great tagline, or a beautiful casing. A brand is defined by the collective experience shaped by interactions with every point of contact. Only those who are present and consistent in their communication can earn the trust and retain the loyalty of customers.

Our team

Daniel Albert

Managing partner, creative director

Christoph Buettner

Managing partner, technology

Katja Lobinski

Studio manager

Jonas Vogt

Senior designer

Lennart Kramp


Sofia Pelaez


Thorsten Lessing

Senior project manager

Julia Ochsenhirt



Office dawg

  • Monospace design's Hungry logo in positive colour scheme
  • B2Venture company logo in positive colour scheme
  • Atlantic Labs positive growth chart graphic
  • TECE company's positive logo
  • signa logo positive
  • swp logo positive
  • shieldex logo positive
  • World Health Organization (WHO) positive logo
  • osram logo positive
  • lr logo positive
  • hama logo positive
  • farmula logo positive
  • mycabin logo positive
  • getsteps logo positive
  • bsh logo positive
  • biotec logo positive
  • Wohnvoll brand logo in positive design
  • Wundergarten company logo with foliage design

We are on the lookout for amazing individuals

Only a great team can produce great work. Join us in our office at the heart of Berlin, and be part of a dynamic, dedicated and supportive team. Take a look at our job openings below, we look forward to hearing from you.

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