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UZE Mobility

The making of a disruptive e-mobility brand

Monospace modern design concept image

The start-up UZE Mobility provides sustainable and user-friendly solutions for individual mobility needs. The aim is to rethink the world of e-mobility and to shake up the market. The corporate design seeks to establish the brand with its services among old and new followers of the shared economy.

Monospace site featuring Uze minimalist design

Visual identity

The logo appears energetic and courageous. The figure-ground relationship unites the theme of e-mobility and the Initial Z. The ambiguity challenges the viewer, is memorable and strengthens recognition. Two logo variants enable flexible handling for various applications.

Monospace design's innovative UZE product image
Monospace design concept, original uze-04b mfrh example
Monochrome designer desk with computer and design tools

Brand experience

The result: a young, dynamic brand that stands out from the crowd and stands out clearly from the competition. The flexibility of the design system enables the company to make the most diverse use cases accessible to the respective target groups. In this way, the various mobility offers can establish themselves in the market and shape the future of e-mobility.

Monospace design company's modern user interface sample
Modern minimalist monospace design interface
Monospace design digital graphic representation
Monospace design website screenshot, UX design preview

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Daniel Albert

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