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How to transform a brand from B2C to B2B

26. June 2024

Daniel Albert

The initial situation

With the mission of enabling people to live healthier and happier lives through easy access to orthopaedic insoles, GetSteps has created a digital sales channel for orthopaedic insoles.

In 2020, Monospace collaborated closely with the founders to bring the well-known B2C brand GetSteps to life. To stand out in the dry, medical market environment, the B2C brand needed to specifically convey the feeling of an urban lifestyle brand – playful, edgy, natural, emotional and bold. Bold enough to redefine the entire category, “inspire” competitors and convince investors.

In 2024, the majority shares were acquired by Hendrik Schabsky, CEO of safety footwear manufacturer Atlas. GetSteps is thus expanding its business with insoles for safety shoes, but remains independent and manufacturer-independent.

In order to best address the growing B2B target group – companies from logistics, production and industry – the GetSteps B2C brand was to be expanded to include a B2B version.

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The challenge

The B2B brand must adapt the visual habits of the new target groups and the visual language in the safety footwear sector without losing the DNA of the B2C brand, which has made the brand differentiating and successful.

Our process
  • Competitor analysis
  • As-is analysis of the B2C brand
  • Target definition of the B2B brand
  • Creation of the visual identity
  • Implementation of defined contact points
  • Adaptation of the online guidelines
getsteps colors
getsteps imagery

The result

The new color palette is characterized by a safety yellow and muted colors that integrate harmoniously into the industrial look of work safety.

The extended visual language combines the striking, raw world of work shoes with the playful illustrations and stages the insoles in theme-specific still life photographs.

The logo, typography and layout system remain unchanged to allow the team to continue their learned approach to design, maintain the characteristics of the brand and keep the B2C and B2B brand together.

The result is a memorable and differentiating visual identity that enables GetSteps to successfully master its new strategic B2B orientation.

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Daniel Albert

Managing partner, creative director